Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food Update!!

Food Update!
Well lately I’ve been eating some yummy stuff. First was in my Traditions of Italian Food class. We made chicken with dill and almond. AMAZING! It was delicious and I’m definitely bringing it back to ya’ll.

Our next dish was sweet and sour eggplant. Not quite as good but still yummy. You can substitute anything for the eggplant: zucchini or squash whatever you like! The whole play on this dish is sweet and sour tones. These come from vinegar and sugar added. I really liked this dish and will bring it home to ya’ll as well!

When I was in Siena, we went into this cute pastry shop.

Beautiful creations right?! Now look at these?!!

Yep these are the yummy things I made in my dessert class, in an actual store…BUT I have made these!! So cool!! Haha

Also in Siena, was this random brown hut thing in the middle of Plazza de Campo. Turns out this place, fries little balls of tapioca, then tops them with more sugar! OMG, these are amazing! Worth the 6 euros just to get to Siena. They were incredible!

Last update: to my excitement, my piping skills are getting better!! Now please don’t judge to hard cuz they are by far not perfect but I think with alittle more practice I’ll be writing Happy Birthday on cake before you know it! Hahaha!!

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