Monday, January 17, 2011

World Traveler...El Salvador to Italy

Well to say the least, my poor blog has been neglected. After my last post, I worked 8 week of Pine Cove, went on a cruise, fall semester at Tech, turned 21, drank wine (In moderation), went to El Salvador, and now in the process of packing for Italy!!!

A picture of me in El Salvador!!

My life has been running a hundred million miles an hour but it's been amazing but now I am ready to sprint full steam ahead into cooking and baking! In 10 days my study abroad Italy orientation will be under way and my eyes will be popping out of my head in excitement!!! As I bake and eat my way through Italy, I will blog all about my culinary adventures, here at this site! I will also be blogging about various adventures, travel and whats going on in school at my other blog called! I'll post Facebook statuses when I've updated!
Ready or not Italy here I come!!

Peace, Love and Baking :)

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