Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homemade mayonnaise

As I've said before, Im a RHIM major, focusing on culinary and event planning. One of my classes this semester has a food lab. In which, we had to buy chef coats and we cook for 3 hours once a week. This week we were making mayonnaise from scratch. Now to most people this sounds so dumb when you can buy great stuff from the store. But to us foodies out there, it's just one of those thing you have to try! Naturally, I was so excited unfortunatly that did not last long. We had to way to make it in class, you could make it with a immersion blender (hand blender) or in a food processor. My group chose to make it with the hand blender. Our recipe called to dump everything in a container and slowly pulse till you have mayonnaise! Sounds really easy right?! NOT EASY!! The first time was a totally bust from the start. But our second time was looking so promising till I added alittle too much oil and it all fell apart. See when you make mayonnaise from scrach you have to literally add oil drop by drop. This takes forever and if you make the smallest mistake like me, you will have yellow oil mess. All this being said I will never make mayonnaise from scratch because the store bought already is easy and taste better than what mine would have. So learn a lesson from me and BUY YOUR MAYONNAISE!

peace,love and mayo-less :)


  1. hals!!! haha i'm so glad you finally made your homemade mayo! did you make some tartar sauce? ;)

  2. Homemade mayonnaise is like second nature to me, so I don't know how you could've messed it up. Amateur. ;)